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McCombs-Currier Award Recipients


The Amy S. McCombs-Frederick P. Currier Writing Awards are named for two founders of Marygrove's Contemporary American Authors Lecture Series. Each year, Marygrove students responded in critical or creative writing to the visiting author's work and submitted their work anonymously. Winners were determined by the English and Modern Languages Department faculty.  The awards were discontinued when the undergraduate program closed in 2017.


2017: Alysia Kennedy, Joseph Myrick, and Chase Turner

Above: Darcy L. Brandel, English and Modern Languages Department

chair; Mat Johnson; Mary Helen Washington; Chase Turner,

Alysia Kennedy, President Elizabeth Burns. Not pictured: Joseph Myrick


2015: Joseph Myrick, Adam Scanlon, and Camryn Washington

Above: Mary Helen Washington, Darcy L. Brandel, Andrea Lee, Joseph Myrick,

Adam Scanlon, Camryn Washington, and President David J. Fike


2016: Daishonai Jackson and Dursey Wade

Above: Dursey Wade, Claudia Rankine, Daishonai Jackson, Darcy L. Brandel, Mary Helen Washington, President Elizabeth Burns


2014: Lauryn Pennington, Adam Scanlon, Phylicia Upshaw, and Camryn Washington

Above: President David J. Fike, Phylicia Upshaw, Camryn Washington, Lauryn

Pennington, Adam Scanlon, Natahsa Trethewey, Darcy L. Brandel, and Mary Helen Washington


2013: Audrey Langley, Lauryn Pennington, Phylicia Upshaw


2012: Mia Balbin-Cuesta,  Alvin Grimes,  Audrey Langley, and  Olivia Walls

Above: President David J. Fike, Olivia Walls, Paul Beatty, Audrey Langley, Alvin Grimes, Mary Helen Washington, English & Modern Languages Department Chair Donald E. Levin, Mia Balbin-Cuesta


2011: Mia Balbin-Cuesta, Percy Pierce, Emily Sese,  Theresa Spiteri, and Della Young

Above: Lillian Bauder, Harryette Mullen, Mia Balbin-Cuesta, Percy Pierce,

Emily Sese, Theresa Spiteri, Della Young, President David J. Fike


2009: Amy Pavlov, Arthur Simon. Briana Williams, and Laura Manley

Above: Briana Williams, Arthur Simon, Elizabeth Alexander, Laura Manley, Amy Pavlov, and President David J. Fike

2007 McCombs-Currier winners.jpg

2007: Mallory Draughn, Paula Grogan, Kerry Howell, Melanie Wallace, Briana Williams, Rachel Willis

Above: Lillian Bauder, Marilyn Nelson, President David J. Fike, Mallory Draughn, Paula Grogan, Kerry Howell, Melanie Wallace, Briana Williams, and Rachel Willis,

McCombs-Currier awardees 2005.jpg

2005: Alia Harvey-Quinn, Mariama Jenkins,  Felicia Moore, Nathalie Mosley, Amy Pavlov

Above: Alia Harvey-Quinn, President Glenda D. Price, Mariama Jenkins, Nathalie Mosley, Felicia Moore, Amy Pavlov, and Frank D. Rashid,

English and Modern Languages Department chair

20210719_145854_0003 (2).JPG

2003: Betty A. Avery, Alia Harvey-Quinn, Charonne Hightower, Jacklene Johnson, Laurie LePain Kopack, Caroline Spencer

Above: Frank D. Rashid, Amy S. McCombs, Caroline Spencer, Lauries LePaine Kopack, Jacklene Johnson, Charonne Hightower, , Alia Harvey-Quinn,Betty A. Avery

2001 McCombs-Currier Awardees with Toi D

2001: Alia Harvey-Quinn, Rebecca Klein, Meghan O’Rourke, Eric Toso, Denise S. Davis, Gwendolyn Denham

Above: President Glenda D. Price, Nettie Seabrooks, S. Martin Taylor, Lillian Bauder, Toi Derricotte, Eric Toso, Meghan O'Rourke, Rebecca Klein, Gwendolyn Denham, Denise S. Davis, Alia Harvey-Quinn


2010: Marissa Byrd, Brendan Martin, and Della Young

Above: Donald E. Levin, President David J. Fike, Marissa Byrd, Brendan Martin, Della Young, Walter Mosley, and Lillian Bauder


2008: Laurie Lane, Donna Laster, Tricia Meek, and Maisha Peters

Above: Laurie Lane, Maisha Peters, and Donna Laster with Samuel R. Delaney

McCombs-Currier Awardees 2006, Lauren Pe

2006: Felicia Davis, Kerry Howell, Felicia Moore,  Lauryn Pennington, Chimere Parker

Above: Lauryn Pennington, Felicia Davis, Kerry Howell, Felicia Moore, and Chimere Parker with President Glenda D. Price

Angela Simpson 3.jpg

2004: Margaret Allen, Cassie Atkinson, Laurie LePain Kopack, Shawn Kylman, Angela Simpson

Above: Angela Simpson

2002 McCombs-Currier awardees.jpg

2002: Cassie Atkinson, Gwendolyn Denham, Jacklene Johnson, S. Theresa Jonsson, Bettina Morello

Above: President Glenda D. Price, S. Martin Taylor, Lillian Bauder, Alia Harvey-Quinn, Gwendolyn Denham, Jacklene Johnson, S. Theresa Jonsson, Bettina Morello

McCombs-Currier Awardees 2000.jpg

2000: Gwendolyn Denham, Thomas Doherty, Rebecca Klein, Johnetta Mukes, Amy Sosnowski

Above: Johnetta Mukes, Gwendolyn Denham, Lucille Clifton, Thomas Doherty, Rebecca Klein, and Amy Sosnowski

1999 McCombs-Currier Awardees with Merle

1999: LaTonya Baldwin, Koya Graham, Rebecca Klein, Johnetta Mukes, Nancy White

Above:Johnetta Mukes, Nancy White, Koya Graham, Merle Collins, LaTonya Baldwin, and Rebecca Klein


1997: Jewel R. Ausberry, Lillie R. Foster, Vicki Hooks,  Michael Martin, Wendy Fortson McHarris, Ucal P. Miles

Above: Jewell R. Ausberry, Vicki Hooks, Ucal P. Miles

1995 McCombs-Currier Awardees.jpg

1995: Theresa Dyson, Rita Edgeworth, Karen Genaw,  Marianne Karwowski Hoppel,  Michael Martin,  Cheryl Thompson,  Nina Weis

Above: Theresa Dyson, Rita Edgeworth, Karen Genaw, Michael Martin,

Nina Weiss, and Marianne Karwowski, Hoppel

1993: Kathy Calcatera, Kimberly Figgs,  Beth Nester,

Cheryl L. Pastor,  Sharon Lee Remington

1991: Anita Ehrenfried, Joyce Holloway, Patience Raiford, Sharon Remington, Lara Taylor

Gaines 1998 #1.jpg

1998: Lillie R. Foster, Vicki Hooks,  Carmel M. Jones, Michael Morley

Above: Vicki Hooks, Lillia R. Foster, Ernest J. Gaines, Michael Morley, Carmel M. Jones

1996 McCombs-Currier Awardees with Rita

1996: Rita Edgeworth, Vicki Hooks, Herb James, Michael Martin, Melanie Matthews

Above: Melanie Matthews, Vicki Hooks, Herb James, and Rita Edgeworth with Rita Dove

1994 McCombs-Currier Awardees with Presi

1994: Thomas Covington, Rita Edgeworth, Kimberly Figgs,

Cheryl L. Pastor, Sharon Lee Remington,  Mary Tomas

Above: Rita Fields, Sharon Remington, President Shay, Kimberly Figgs, and Cheryl Pastor


1992: Marilyn Alvis, Shannon Barr, Kathy Calcatera, Kimberly Figgs, Michelle McKinney


1989: Vivian Cone,  Cynthia Harrison, Ollie Mitchell, Michael Watkins

Above: Ollie Mitchell

Above: Kathy Calcatera, Kimberly Figgs, and Shannon Barr receive McCombs-Currier Awards

Michelle McKinney 1990.jpg
Lara Taylor 1989.jpg

1990: Lu Jennings, Michelle McKinney, Ollie Mitchell,  Royanne Smith, Lara Taylor

Above: Michelle McKinney, Royanne Smith, and Lara Taylor

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